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If you aren't happy with the service you get from your cleaning company, why should you pay? At Commercial Clean Australia, our customers do not pay if they aren't happy with the service.

That is the Commercial Clean Australia difference.


  • Best contract cleaning prices in Sydney
  • Professional Cleaners trained in attention to detail
  • Security Checked Professional Cleaners
  • Prompt, never-miss-a-day service
  • Fully insured
  • Full OH&S Compliance

A Pristinely Cleaned Office Says You Mean Business

We know that you, your staff and your customers demand a clean business environment and that’s why we go the extra mile so that when you walk into a freshly serviced office, you know that it has been cleaned by professionals determined to do a great job.

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Why Choose us?

Every Business is Different


Every business is different so we don't use the same cleaning techniques, equipment or cleaning supplies for every business. We assess your office, bathroom, kitchen, common areas and other areas to develop a unique cleaning plan which takes into account the types of surfaces and how they are used before we decide how we should be treated.

That way, you can be assured that your premises are being cleaned properly, hygienically and thoroughly.

Why Choose Commercial Clean Australia

  1. We are an independent, locally owned company so we understand your needs and work harder to keep you satisfied.
  2. We respond to your enquiry, if not immediately then within the hour.
  3. Our professional cleaners are chosen because of the pride they display in their work and trained in attention to detail.
  4. Competitive, Free Quotes

Sydney's Best Commercial Cleaning Service

corporate cleaning services Sydney
My name is Paul Kretzers and I'm the CEO of Commercial Clean Australia. Over the last 8 years, my team and I have worked hard to develop a fearless reputation for quality commercial cleaning services across Sydney. We provide our customers with a dependable, high quality and value for money service to the envy of our competitors.

Our "happy or it's free" service is our promise to you..

More Reasons To Choose


"Happy or it's Free"

Security Checked
Professional Cleaners

Back Ups So When Someone Calls In Sick,
Your Service Goes Ahead as Planned

$10million Public
Liability Insurance

Full OHS&E


If you aren't happy, the cleaning is free.

What We Will Do For You

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If we proceed, your staff and customers will comment on how clean your business is.