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Charities Supported

As a client of Commercial Clean Australia, you will have a direct impact on the lives of many people in Australia and around the world. We make monthly contributions to various charities every month and we will often ask you for your opinion on which charities you wish to support.

The charities we choose to support are chosen by our clients, our cleaners and our administration team. We are very proud that we can contribute to many different charities and are particularly proud that we can support charities of the home countries of many of our cleaners.

When taking on Commercial Clan Australia to do your cleaning, we will ask you which of our charities we can make a donation to on your behalf. You will also get quarterly reports of all the monthly donations we have made, who the charities are and in what countries we are supporting. We support both charities in Australia and overseas. We support charities that provide clean drinking water, food, shelter, education, underprivileged and disadvantaged children here and overseas and much more.

Our partner who helps us in supporting so many charities at once is B1G1. You can find them at B1G1.com for more information.

Within Australia we also support various charities. These charities as usually centered around helping Farmers and people in rural communities. We also support various charities helping those effected by Fires throughout Australia each year.


At Commercial Clean Australia, we are more than just cleaning.

Following are a few of the Australian Charities we support in 2019 and 2020 due to our current environmental issues we are facing such as fires and droughts.


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