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Coronavirus (Covid-19) update below

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update below

"Coronavirus (Covid-19) update"

1. All cleaners have completed the online eLearning course provided by The Australian Government, Department of Health - Infectious Control training - Covid 19c

2. Our cleaners are all equipped with the correct cleaning chemicals and equipment to cope with these cleaning demands

3. We will continue to clean for our clients whilst following the Australian Government guidelines put in place

4. We can supply all consumable products at this time including toilet paper, hand towels and soap

5. All cleaners are equipped with the correct personal protective equipment

6. Call us with any questions you have regarding cleaning at this time

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Commercial Clean Australia understands that every business or commercial environment has a unique set of operating conditions. If there are any particularly challenging issues in your workplace, we will devise custom cleaning solutions to tackle them head-on. After our initial meeting we can deliver cleaning scopes and checklists so you know exactly what work will be carried out.